Homemade maltesers

A few months ago, I was looking on the internet for homemade maltersers, I couldn’t find any decent recipes, they all had weird ingredients in and really looked horrid.
It sounds pretty impossible to achieve homemade maltesers as the crunchy middle bit is made industrially and doesn’t seem possible for home cooking, so I was wondering how I could make them.
I nearly dropped the idea when suddenly, out of nowhere, in about 2 seconds, I knew exactly what to do. I think it’s the first time it happened to me, I decided to call it a “food revelation”… Seriously.

My idea was to make tiny little meringues flavoured with malt extract and to cover them with milk chocolate. I know that it sounds really really simple but I haven’t seen it anywhere so I guess it’s too simple for people to think about it.

The finished product is really similar to maltesers, apart from the shape, I just couldn’t get a perfectly round meringue, but I tried my best.

For A LOT of maltesers (but trust me, they go very fast), you’ll need:

– 70g of egg whites (about 2)
– 70g of granulated or caster sugar
– 70g of icing sugar
– 1 tbsp of malt extract
– 200g of good milk chocolate

Whisk the egg whites and as they start to go fluffy, gradually add the granulated sugar.

Keep whisking until firm and glossy. Then add the malt extract, still whisking.

Seive the icing sugar and fold it gently in your meringue. I would usually add a tiny bit of vinegar to make it nice and gooey in the middle but for this recipe, I want a very crispy meringue all the way.

Line a baking tray with baking parchment and pipe tiny little meringues. Make them really small, as once coated with chocolate, they’ll be much bigger.

Put in a oven at 100C. Take them out 1 hour after and let them cool down.

Slowly melt your chocolate and pour it in a tall container like a thin mug or a long glass. This will help you dip the meringues easily.

Take a toothpick and stab the flat bit of you meringue, be delicate with it or it will break. Dip it in the chocolate and let it dry on a tray.
You may need more chocolate, depending on its texture.

I recommend coating them the same day as you bake them as they can get soft after a few hours. The chocolate will make the meringue airtight and stop it from getting soft.

Et voila, enjoy!


12 thoughts on “Homemade maltesers

  1. Hi,am very happy to read this recipe,because for long I have been checking internet for the recipe,I saw some but not satisfied with them,with this one I will tray them as soon as possible. thanks for sharing your idea.

    • Hi, making them in to balls would be quite tricky, the company that makes maltersers certainly uses some kind of intricate machine to make perfectly round ones. I piped them as close as a ball as I could. The result isn’t perfect but close enough!

    • I’m not too sure about their shelf life. I think they’re better eaten in the next couple of days but they’ll last a while kept in an airtight container, perhaps a week.

  2. When should we add the 1 tbs of malt extract? Bcuz u seem to have written it in the ingredients but u didn’t mention when to add it and will the recipe work without it bcuz I don’t think I find it where I live 🙁

    • Hi,
      Thanks for letting me know, can’t believe I didn’t mention that! I add the malt extract when I’ve added all the granulated sugar to the egg whites, just when the mix is firm and glossy. That way you add it with your electric whisk so it combines itself to the egg whites very well.
      You can do without malt extract but it won’t taste like maltesers. Where do you live?

      • I live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I tried them today but instead of malt extract I used nesquick(some websites said it might work) but the meringue lost its thickness as soon as I started stirring the powder in. It was too runny and it didnt work. Will try them again soon, hope they turn out as good as yours!

        • Hi,
          I’m sorry to hear that… You could try to use ovomaltine as it’s quite a malty flavour. If you use powder, I’d recommend folding it with the egg whites in the same time as the icing sugar. Your mix may hold its shape better.

    • It IS marked when to add it – I found that 1 table spoon wasnt enough though so added 2 – the recipe is perfect!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! xx

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