Radio Northampton with Vanessa Kimbell

What an amazing experience! I passed this last Sunday on the radio!! It was on BBC radio Northampton in the morning.

I was contacted Friday evening so I had a very short time to get the idea. I quickly made some samples to taste for the radio staff and had a bit of time to get nervous!

It’s a lady called Vanessa Kimbell who asked me to be on her one hour show. She wrote a cook book and has a lovely blog called Prepped. It was quite scary to go in the studio and speak in this big microphone when you know that many people are going to listen to what you’re saying.

I finally enjoyed it a lot. The atmosphere was relaxed and lovely, the presenters were very nice too. They tasted my patisseries and looked very happy with them.

Now I’m listening back to the recording online and I absolutely hate my voice and accent (you know this feeling when you hear your own voice) but everybody else looked impressed.

People from the BBC are going to send me the recording so I’ll be able to put it up properly on the blog.

Have a greedy day



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