Apple time!

As you know, it’s the apple season and if you’re lucky, you may have apple trees in your garden, or generous friends who can share some of their fruit.
I was given some cooking apples last week, so what to make with them?

If I was listening to my greedy boyfriend, I would make apple crumbles everyday but I’m trying to be creative and prepare some other wonderful puddings.
Here are some examples of things I’m making at the moment:

Old favourite, apple crumble (you can see the recipe on one of my older posts)


Apple pies. I’ve got so many different recipes: you can cook the apples separately or not. Take a pastry case and if you use an almond and egg filling with the apples (very popular in France) it’s called “tarte amandine”. You can make a kind of sweet apple quiche with eggs and cream and sugar which you pour over the raw apples before cooking (I know it sounds weird but it’s very good, it’s my special mum’s recipe)… I also love to just caramelize the apples with butter and sugar before to pour them in the pastry, mmmhhhh… 

Tarte tatin, this wonderful invention. Thank you so much to the Tatin’s sisters (French, of course!!) for this amazing new age apple pie. You just make a brown caramel with 50g of butter and 100g of sugar, pour it in a tin with high sides, put the apples all nicely on this lovely caramel, an finally put some pastry (puff, shortcrust or your own nice one) on the apples.

Make a little hole in the middle of the pastry to let the air go out. Cook it until the pastry looks golden and then turn the tin upside down onto a plate (don’t wait, it has to be hot!!), knock it a bit and remove it. If everything went okay, you should end up with a nice caramelized pie.

Compote or stewed apples. Everybody has their own recipe, I personally add a little bit of water, sugar and cinnamon to the apples when you’re cooking them.

Apple juice, if you’ve got a juice extractor

Sorbet!!!! Even if you haven’t got an ice cream maker, you can find a recipe online, doing it normally, pour the mixture into a plastic tub and leave it in the freezer for the night. The day after put the sorbet in your food processor until it goes creamy. Put it back in the freezer or eat it now! You have to take this sorbet out of the freezer about half an hour before to use it.

Have an appley day!


A British recipe with a French touch….

That’s it, they’re gone, my 600 little precious macaroons are gone to be eaten very soon.

It was quite hard work but I thought it would be much more effort.

So now, it’s back to business as usual, the weekly order for a lovely shop in Northampton, St.Giles cheese.

Like I’m not too busy this week, I’ve got time to share a recipe! I’m not going to tell you the macaroon one mainly because it takes ages to make and because it’s a quite difficult recipe to explain. You can of course find a macaroon recipe on other websites.

So here’s my version of the best ever apple crumble. It’s a bit strange for me because it’s a proper British pudding and I’m French but I love to make it for my greedy boyfriend. Anyway, the recipe…

You’ll need (for 4 people):

–  About 4 large apples
–  150g of sugar (with demerara, it’s better I find)
–  100g of plain flour
–  100g of butter
–  A good pinch of cinnamon

First, peel and cut the apples into medium pieces.

Melt 20g of butter in a large pan.

When it’s all melted, add 50g of the sugar and stir it until you’ve got a nice caramel (don’t burn it!!!!!) it’s going to take about 3 min.

Add the apples and cinnamon and leave them to cook about 3 min in this lovely caramel and stir a few times. Then pour the apples into an oven tin.

Into a bowl, pour the flour and the rest of the sugar. Mix it together.

Melt the rest of the butter and pour it into the flour and sugar mixture. Mix it up with a fork until you obtain a nice crumble topping (if the mixture is too floury, add some more butter, add flour if the mixture looks too moist).

Put the mixture on the top of the apples and bake for 30 min at 180°C, until the top is golden.

Let it cool down a bit (if you can wait) and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!