French macaroons have arrived in Northampton shire!

Actually, the macarons first arrived in May when I found our electric oven. I tried making macarons many times before using a gas oven in my house in Brittany but on every occasion they always came out looking like little volcanoes, cracked and misshapen.

So I fell in love with the electric oven in England when on the first try my macarons came out looking beautiful and round. I became a bit mad about it. I was phoning my friends and family to tell them how happy I was to finally have some success. I made lots of different flavours. They always came out perfectly.

I’ve always had a passion for cooking. At home from an early age I’d be in the kitchen preparing meals for my family. I can make lots of tasty savoury meals and desserts but I always prefer making delicate and exquisite pâtisseries.

I arrived in England in February.

The pâtisseries business started in May. I have made patisseries for local shops, a wedding, and a charity fundraising day since then but now we have our first big order of macarons in September, 600 will be winging their way out of our kitchen and onto the tables at the Royal Derngate Theatre Gala Dinner on the 10th.