I’ve always been a bit passionate about making bread, brioches, pastries… Everything which includes a dough actually. The thing is, I’ve always been disappointed with the results I got. Most of the time my things didn’t raise properly, had a weird yeasty taste or were dry and not fluffy.

I always attributed my results to using dried yeast  and I really wanted to try fresh  yeast to see how different the  result would be. But where can I find that, I thought?…

I found my supermarket’s bread section sold it and when I went to see them they gave me this huge piece of yeast. It was very cheap for the quantity I had.

The texture of the yeast was very pleasant, soft and smooth. It was a big square of crumbly light brown yeast that you keep in the fridge. You can freeze it too, after you have crumbled it. I couldn’t wait to try using it and I quickly found a brioche recipe….

It needed quite a lot of time (4H30 to raise) but it tasted sooooooo good!!! It was fluffy, buttery, light, everything I was hoping for.

So if you always wanted to make your own brioche, I’d recommend using fresh yeast! I read that the dried yeast “rots” the dough and makes it taste horrible. There is the fast active yeast, which is very fine and the dried active yeast, which has much thicker particles that you’ve got to dilute in warm water or milk.

If you are allergic to yeast the best thing to do is to make sourdough, which is a mixture of water and flour, which does a reaction with the air and produces a natural yeast. I never tried it but I’m sure I’ll do it very soon.


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